If you find water dripping from various places in your home, it certainly gets your attention. There are many reasons why water is dripping from drain vents in your home. These are seven common reasons why water is dripping from drain vents in your home.

1. Clogged Air Filter

Your AC unit is designed to absorb moisture from the air inside your home. This creates condensation, which drips into a designated pan. It is then taken through the condensate lines to be drained out of your home to the exterior of your property.

When your air filter is clogged, the accumulated debris and dust create an airflow blockage. This causes the water from condensation to freeze on the unit’s evaporator coils. It forms a thick layer of ice instead of allowing the condensation to properly drain into the drip pan.

As time goes on, this layer of ice becomes thicker unless the filter is changed or cleaned. The accumulated ice will start to melt over the drain vents and will cause them to drip water. To solve this problem, you can make sure your air filters remain clean. Your HVAC manufacturer provides specific instructions for changing or cleaning your air filters. It must typically occur every 30 to 90 days to keep your HVAC system working in optimum condition.

Your air filter may also become clogged faster if you have pets or have excessive dust particles in the air. It is best to check your air filter each month to monitor how quickly it becomes clogged.

2. Evaporator Coils Are Frozen

If ice has accumulated on the drain vents, this means that your evaporator coils also have an accumulation of ice. After you change your air filter, be sure to blow warm air over the coils to melt the ice. You can do this with a hair dryer, but to be sure you have the best results, it is recommended to have a professional HVAC inspection.

An experienced HVAC professional will be able to easily detect the reason why you are experiencing dripping water from the drain vents. Plus, they have the appropriate tools and knowledge to fix the problem.

3. Drip Pan Has Rust

Over time, it is likely that the drip pan can start to accumulate rust. If you have changed your air filter and know that the evaporator coils are not frozen, the next step would be to check your drip pan. If there is accumulated rust, it may be time for a replacement.

4. Condensate Line is Clogged

Just as with the drip pan and air filter, your condensate line must be regularly checked. It can become clogged by accumulated debris, dirt, dust, algae, mildew, animal particles, and other items. It is recommended to schedule HVAC maintenance so that a professional can properly check all components.

5. Condensate Pump is Malfunctioning

Condensate pumps collect water from your air conditioning unit and drive it outside your property for disposal. When the condensate pump is not functioning properly, the pump cannot drain the water and an AC repair may be needed.It is another issue that is best fixed by a professional HVAC company.

6. Refrigerant is Leaking

Your air conditioning system works with a coolant that makes the air cold, which is called refrigerant. If you notice water dripping from your drain vents, it could be due to a freon leak or another issue that is causing your refrigerant to leak.

This is a very delicate issue that can only be serviced by a professional HVAC company. If someone comes into contact with the refrigerant without proper training, it could lead to poisoning.

7. Lack of Insulation Around the Ducts

The ductwork is insulated to preserve the conditioned air. If the air ducts are not properly insulated or have holes, it can create dripping water from the vents. The ductwork must be carefully inspected to make sure all areas are insulated and no tears have formed.

It can be challenging to detect air leaks in your ductwork because of the size of the whole system that runs through your home. Plus, since ductwork is located inside your walls, it requires special diagnostic work such as the use of duct cameras.

Choose an HVAC Company You Can Trust

No matter the reason why you are experiencing dripping water from your drain vents, it is best to leave it to the professionals. To keep your HVAC system working in its best condition, it is necessary to schedule regular inspections and maintenance for your unit.

At Quality Cooling & Heating, we perform comprehensive inspections that include checking all components of your air conditioning system. We also offer comprehensive heating and cooling repair and installation services as well as indoor air quality and energy saving solutions.

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