The importance of AC maintenance in Georgetown, TX, can hardly be overstated. Whether you’ve owned your system for one year or for several, you’ll want to get an annual AC tune-up before the cooling season. This will ensure that your AC runs efficiently without breaking down and wearing out expensive components like the motor and compressor. Though the AC may still require the occasional fix, it will be a minor one.

You’ll get fewer headaches with maintenance, then, and you may also see a reduction in your monthly energy bill since the AC won’t cycle for longer than it should to do its job. Besides that, the system will experience minimal wear and tear and so run for a longer time, maybe hitting the 15- or 20-year mark. Well-maintained mini-splits can last 30 years. Did you know that most manufacturers won’t honor a warranty unless the system is getting maintenance? It’s good to keep this in mind as well.