Periodically, the time comes to schedule AC maintenance in Leander, TX, and you can rely on our team at Quality Cooling & Heating to perform the task. Unless your air conditioner is clearly on its way out, we believe it will benefit from an annual AC tune-up. There are short- and long-term benefits to enjoy. With maintenance, you get all the little problems with your system eliminated: everything from loose wiring or dirt buildup on the coils to low air pressure. This leads to more energy-efficient performance and greater indoor comfort since you won’t need to deal with uneven cooling or short-cycling. Your monthly utility bill may even decrease.

In the long run, you’ll be extending your system’s life and putting off the day when you have to replace it. Remember that mini-split systems can keep you cool for up to 15 years. Heat pumps can, and ideally should, run for more than 20 years. This is only with maintenance, though. And you should also note that most manufacturers won’t honor their warranties unless they see that you’re getting professional maintenance.